Sulekha - The Plan Monitoring System

IKM started with a software programming with the concept of distributed individual databases for each LSGI/PRI. In this technology, physical custody and ownership to these lies with the concerned LSGIs/PRIs empowering these grass root level planning units. While developing the software the following points are taken into consideration:

  • Grama Panchayaths, Block Panchayaths, District Panchayaths as well as Municipalities and Corporations were together having uniform policies and procedures as prescribed in relevant statutory regulations and rules.
  • They are having full freedom to have their own Development plan, suited to the individual geographical and social needs, provided they are within the statutory provisions.

With the above concept in mind, as per the strict guidelines of Government of Kerala, software for monitoring the plan projects of LSGIs, named Sulekha had been developed.
Sulekha the Plan monitoring software  specifically designed, developed and implemented, based on the State Government Orders, Guidelines issued by the Government from time to time for the formulation and monitoring of the nearly 2 lakh annual decentralized plan projects of local governments. Sulekha is a stabilized application being in used in Kerala for more than one decade with complete coverage, tailor made to track the plan formulation, appraisal, approval, monitoring, revision processes and expenditure tracking of the plan projects of local governments with inbuilt checks and validations. It meets the requirements of not only the Local Self Governments but also of the State Planning Board and State Government. The reports and Data generated out of Sulekha are available to general public through web. The entire state is covered by this application and the deployment and operationalisation is a full scale rollout.

Salient Features

  • A Kerala Specific model for capturing minute details of plan project formulation, appraisal, approval, monitoring and expenditure tracking
  • Tracks entire course of plan formulation process by incorporating reports of gramasabha, working group, development seminars, TAG and DPC online
  • Facilitates standard project accounting with provision for fixing financial/ physical targets, achievements, schedules etc.
  • Facilitates consolidation of formulation and expenditure data of the Five Year Plans
  • Generation of validation reports to ensure plan process pass through strict Government guidelines
  • Real time generation  of category, sector, micro sector level MIS reports from the crystal reports at local body level, district & state level based on user defined queries
  • Online data updation to the Kerala State Data Centre by the concerned local bodies in a scheduled phased manner
  • Nearly 2 lakh projects are implemented annually in 1209 local bodies through the Sulekha under more than 28 sources of funds.
  • Legacy master database consolidated covering nearly 20 lakh projects implemented during the past 10 years stored as a central database. 
  • Generating various graphs/charts for analysis and decision support
  • Facility for checking previous years’ expenditure details, ensuring adherence to government guidelines in respect of sectors and special programmes
  • Codification of projects - A number of parameters in the project are coded. This includes sector, sub-sector and micro-sector, special programmes, type of beneficiaries, assets and their specification, etc. 
  • The masters in Sulekha deals with mandatory classification of plan projects such as category of development/ maintenance funds [3+2]; Other sources of funds – 21; 3-level sector coding (Sector -14, Sub-sector- 10; , Micro sector  - 991 and special programmes – 17); and 1852 asset categories
  • Sulekha is is part of a total system for local body computerization., integrated with Saankya (accrual based double entry software), Sugama (cost estimation for public works), Sanchaya (revenue and licence system), Soochika (work flow application) Sakarma (council minutes) for automatic electronic exchange of data and information
  • Provision for calculating the short falls in Plan fund utilization from prescribed limits  in  current year under different heads of accounts (sectors) and necessary compensation in next year budget
  • Unique 12 digit Project ID
  • Structured codes & masters for physical targets with criteria for selection and ranking for selecting beneficiaries
  • List of Spill-over projects, Multi-year projects and revision of projects can be separately tracked
  • Validates mandatory conditions for fund allocation and If validation fails, submission for appraisal is blocked.
  • Monitoring and expenditure reporting ie. Once expenditure details are reported to central server, figures cannot be changed and is as the same as Government level reporting.
  • Workflow at different levels and Locks after processing at next level.
  • Detect deviation from guidelines such as expenditure violating guidelines could be quantified and Compensation ensured in the succeeding year’s plan can be traced.
The expenditure details of all LSGIs are made available on a Project/Programme wise format to facilitate consolidated statements and reports for decision support and analysis. These details for the previous two plan periods are offered by IKM in the LSGD server at State Data Center.