Sulekha the Plan monitoring software specifically designed, developed and implemented, based on the orders and guidelines issued by the Government from time to time for the formulation and monitoring of the nearly 2 lakh annual decentralized plan projects of local governments. Sulekha is a stabilized application being in used in Kerala for more than one decade, tailor made to track the plan formulation, appraisal, approval, monitoring, revision processes and expenditure tracking of the plan projects of local governments of Kerala with inbuilt checks and validations. It meets the requirements of not only the Local Self Governments but also of the State Planning Board and State Government. The entire state is covered by this application and the deployment and operationalisation is a full scale rollout.

Project wise search facility over four years of the eleventh five year plan is included. Project wise formulation and expenditure details of each project can be obtained. Various types of searches are incorporated.

Users can search by

1. Project Number

2. Category

3. Sector Group

4. Sector

5. Sub Sector

6. Micro Sector

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Consolidated Plan Details of first four years of the eleventh five year plan can be viewed,exported or printed from here.

Facility for users to query the consolidated figures is also included.State wise, district wise, local body type wise and local body wise consolidated plan figures can be viewed.

Users can query using criteria such as

Category,Sector Group, Sector, Sub Sector and Micro Sector

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Pictorial representations of various types of plan data is incorporated.

State wise, district wise, local body type wise charts for the last four years can be generated.

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